Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


6 Ways Happiness is Good For Your Health

Over the past decade, an entire industry has sprouted up promising the secrets to happiness. There are best-selling books like The Happiness Project and The How of Happiness, and happiness programs like Happify and Tal-Ben Shahar’s Wholebeing Institute.

Here at the Greater Good Science Center., we offer an online course on “The Science of Happiness” and boast a collection of research-based happiness practices on our new website, Greater Good in Action.


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The team, would like to wish you all a very happy new year!
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Stages of Change

A quick introduction to, Stages of Change, written by Jessie Sholl, at

1. Precontemplation:

Not ready. Not now.

What Can Hold You Back:
A sense that making the necessary changes will require too much work or discomfort. Hopelessness from previous failed attempts. Limiting beliefs about what is possible or permissible for you.

Coroner's inquest into Brandon Jansen's fentanyl-related death begins

The BC Coroners Service's public inquest into the death of Brandon Jansen began Monday, nearly a year after the 20-year-old's fentanyl-related overdose.

Tax break aims to tackle buy-and-throw culture

Those behind a Swedish bill to cut VAT costs on repaired items hope to spark a reuse revolution. The minister behind the legislation explains how it might reduce waste and create jobsThe post Tax break aims to tackle buy-and-throw culture appeared first on Positive News.

The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood Army wields a double edged sword fighting food wastage and hunger with one mighty strike. The initiative in Pakistan began in 2015 with volunteer Robin Hoods filling 100 empty tummies in a week. One year later, the army has mobilized and they plan on reaching 500,000 individuals across seven different countries. This is a simple and truly inspiring concept that is confronting two major global issues. May they march on and serve the world.

Many Ontario hospitals extending visiting hours to 24/7

A growing number of hospitals in Ontario are allowing visitors around the clock, citing the benefit to patients of having support from family members in the hospital room.

Doctor hits the road to deliver palliative care to Toronto's homeless

A program in Toronto is providing end-of-life medical treatment for the homeless, sending doctors out to visit patients at shelters, drop-in centres and sometimes even on the streets.